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One of my favorite ways to develop a new recipe is when a friend or family member asks me how to make one of their favorite dishes healthier.  Many people have a favorite dish, like meatloaf, fettuccine alfredo, or burgers and fries, that they wish they could eat more often but know that it's not too healthy for them.  My goal is to create healthy versions of these (check out my meatloaffettuccine alfredo, and burgers and fries) and other recipes so that you can eat your favorite things on a regular basis and not feel guilty about it.

So I'm going to open up the request line on the blog and start taking requests for healthy versions of your favorite recipes at: 

Just send me a copy of the recipe that you make at home, and I will use that recipe to develop a healthier version that I will post on the blog.  More general requests for healthier versions of standards like French Toast or Chocolate Cake are also welcome.  While I normally make a point to post a lot of vegetarian and vegan recipes, feel free to send in your meat-based recipe requests as well.

So start sending your requests, and I'll get to work!

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